DonJoy Derotation Braces


General Information

The Edmonton Sport Institute has been providing DonJoy brace measurement and fitting for many years. Known to be the most popular and trusted custom braces available, the DonJoy braces are also considerably less expensive than many comparable braces on the market.

DonJoy Derotation Brace Indications
A DonJoy derotation brace is used to prevent further injury in knees that have post traumatic anterior cruciate ligament instability. Although it is recommended that patients undergo ACL reconstructive surgery in most cases, the DonJoy derotation brace can help to prevent further reinjury while waiting for surgery. In addition, it has been shown that the first two years following ACL reconstuctive surgery is the time when repeat ACL ruptures are most common, so a DonJoy derotation brace can also be used following surgery when resuming active pivoting sports during that time period.

DonJoy Unloader Brace Indications
A DonJoy unloader brace can be an effective tool to help reduce the pain of specific types of knee arthritis. If a patient has degenerative arthritic changes primarily in one compartment of the knee (inside or outside), it is possible to use an adjustable DonJoy unloader brace to reduce the irritation of the knee when a patient is physically active. These braces are adjustable so they angle of unloading can be increased as the arthritic changes advance.

Acquiring a Brace
The patient is first screened by Dr. Randy Gregg at the Edmonton Sport Institute to ensure they are appropriate candidates for a DonJoy derotation or unloader brace. If appropriate, Dr. Gregg will take the proper knee measurements and they will be sent to DonJoy for brace construction. About one week later, the brace will arrive at ESI and the patient is encouraged to be seen again by Dr. Gregg to ensure that the brace fits well and the patient is comfortable with its use.

The cost of a DonJoy derotation or unloader brace is $1200 plus GST. Many insurance plans do cover all or a large portion of the cost of the brace if it is deemed to be medically necessary.