Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General questions

What should I bring to my appointment?
You should bring your provincial health care number. If you have a knee or ankle injury, a pair of shorts is also recommended.
Will my insurance health benefits cover the cost?
The medical services provided at the Edmonton Sport Institute are covered by Alberta Health. Physiotherapy and chiropractic services are typically covered by insurance extended health benefit plans. If you have any questions regarding your benefits plan please contact us or your provider.
Does Edmonton Sport Institute have direct billing to my insurance provider?
In many instances, an insurance provider will have a predetermined amount available for physiotherapy or chiropractic treatment. Edmonton Sport Institute has direct billing options with numerous insurance providers. Please contact us for more information.
Is Edmonton Sport Institute a registered provider for motor vehicle accident and WCB claims?
We are currently registered to provide physiotherapy and chiropractic care for MVA and WCB claims.


ESI Medical Services

Do I need a referral to see a physician?
Initial appointments to see a primary care physician do not require a referral. The primary care physician will determine your treatment options and whether you need to be seen by an ESI orthopedic surgeon.
How much will a medical appointment cost?
All medical visits are completely covered by Alberta Health
How long is the wait time for an appointment?
Appointment bookings vary, however on average, appointments to see Dr. Gregg are booked only a few weeks in advance
If I have a recent injury, can I be seen as soon as possible?
The ESI reception staff will attempt to fit in patients with acute injuries if at all possible. Contact the clinic after 7am every morning to see if an appointment is available. 


ESI Sport Chiropractic Services

Do I need a referral?
Initial appointments do not require a referral. Any additional followup referral for advanced care will be determined by your healthcare provider after your initial visit.
How much will a treatment cost?

Initial chiropractic assessment: $100

Subsequent chiropractic visit: $50

How long can I expect to be there?
The initial assessment is booked for 40 minutes while follow-up treatments are 20 minutes.


ESI Physiotherapy Services

Do I need a referral?
Initial physiotherapy appointments do not require a referral.
How much will a treatment cost?

Initial physiotherapy assessment: Provided you have no previous treatment on the same body part since April, 2013 you will be provided 1 physiotherapy assessment and possibly 2 additional treatments covered by Alberta Health Care. Otherwise the following applies:

Initial physiotherapy visit: $110

Subsequent pysiotherapy visit: $70

How long can I expect to be there?
The initial assessment ranges from 30-45 minutes while follow up treatments may last between 30 to 60 minutes.