Fit4Me Program

Level A5 Day 1

Upper Body Flexibility

6 Direction Neck Stretch


Sit or stand with the neck in a neutral position.

Use 1 or 2 hands to gently stretch the neck in each of six directions.

Flexed forward, extended backwards, flexed to the left and right, rotated to the left and right.

To add a strength component to your exercises, once the neck is fully stretched in one direction, use your hands to resist the movement of the neck back to neutral position, holding for 10 seconds in each direction.

Alternate Exercise: Shoulder Stretch


Standing Chest Stretch


Stand straight up facing an open doorway.
Keep your elbows bent to 90 degrees and at shoulder height.
Place your palms and forearms on both sides of the door frame.
Slowly lean your entire body forward and hold the stretch for 10 seconds.
Relax and repeat the movement five times.

Alternate Exercise: Seated Chest Stretch


Standing Arm Pull


Begin the exercise in a standing position, with your arms at your side.
Interlock your fingers behind your back with your palms facing away from your back and pull your hands down slowly. Inhale.
Lift your chest slightly towards the ceiling.
Hold that position for 10 seconds, then release your hands and slowly return to the starting position.
Repeat the movement 10 times.

Alternate Exercise: Medial Shoulder Stretch


Overhead Wrist Extensions

Begin in a seated position with your fingers interlocked.
Turn your palms toward the ceiling, lifting them over your head and gently straightening your elbows.
Hold that position for five seconds, then return the hands to your lap.
Repeat the movement 10 times.

Alternate Exercise: Wrist Extensor Stretch

Lower Body Strength

Thigh Lift with Tubing


Sit in a chair with knees bent to 90 degrees.
Tie the tubing around the legs just above the knees.
Lift one knee straight up towards your chest, hold the position for 5 seconds and slowly return.
Repeat the movement 10 times with each leg.

Alternate Exercise: Straight Leg Raise


Isometric Wall Sit


Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, and your back against a wall.
Keeping your back flat against the wall, bend your legs to a squat position with your knees kept at a 90 degree angle.
Hold the position as long as you can until you feel fatigue in the thigh muscles.

Alternate Exercise: Seated Groin Squeeze


Stair Heel Raises


Stand with both feet shoulder width apart on a stair or low stool.
Only your toes should be in contact with the stairs.
Slowly lower your heels as far as possible and hold that position for three seconds.
Raise your heels as high as you can and hold that position for 3 seconds.
Rest and repeat the movements 10 times.

Alternate Exercise: Heel Raises


Seated Groin Squeeze


Sit in a chair with your knees bent to 90 degrees.
Place your arms in between your legs with your hands in a fist position together.
Attempt to squeeze the legs together, holding the contraction for 5 seconds.
Rest and repeat the movement 10 times.

Alternate Exercise: Ball Squeeze


Once you have completed the exercises, open your Fit4Me Calendar and check off the corresponding date.

Good work!