Fit4Me Program

Level A14 Day 5

Upper Body Strength

Prone Walkout and Pushups with Fitness Ball


Kneel down behind the fitness ball and place your abdomen on top of the ball.
Walk your hands out as far as comfortable to a push-up position. The ball should rest at least under your knee.
Maintaining alignment in the shoulders, back and hips, perform a pushup.
Slowly walk your hands back to the starting position and repeat until you feel fatigue in the muscles.

Alternate Exercise: Pushups


Seated Row with Fitness Ball


Loop a piece of tubing around a stable table leg or pole and place the fitness ball in front of the tubing.
Sit on the fitness ball facing the tubing, and grasp the tubing in both hands with your arms extended in front of your body.
Ensure that your back is kept straight, shoulders are back, and feet are firmly planted on the ground throughout the exercise.
Pull the tubing in towards your body until your hands are aligned with your chest, slowly return, and repeat 10 times.

Alternate Exercise: Shoulder Blade Touching


Wall Scapular Pushups with Fitness Ball


Place the fitness ball against a wall and place your hands about shoulder width apart on the ball.
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and lock your elbows straight.
Maintain alignment between your knees, hips and shoulders.
Keeping your elbows locked, push your body away from the wall using only your shoulders. Your back will create a hunched shape.
Slowly return until your shoulders blades come together and repeat the movement 10 times.

Alternate Exercise: Shoulder Blade Touching


Internal Rotation with Fitness Ball


Attach one end of the tubing to a doorknob or into a door jam.
Begin the exercise sitting on top of the fitness ball with one shoulder facing the tubing.
Hold the tubing with the arm closest to the door with your elbow against the body and at 90 degrees, palm facing in.
Bring your hand towards the midline of your body, ensure that your elbow stays against your body and your wrist remains straight, and slowly return.
Rest and repeat the movement 10 times with each arm.

Alternate Exercise: Internal Rotation with Tubing


Lower Body Flexibility

Ankle Rotations


In a sitting position, cross one leg over the other, grabbing the foot with one hand.
Slowly rotate the ankle 10 times, then rest and rotate the ankle in the opposite direction.
Repeat the movement with other ankle.

Alternate Exercise: Ankle Inversion Stretch


Knee to Chest Stretch


Begin the exercise lying on your back and bring one knee towards your chest, grasping behind the thigh with both hands.
Keep the other leg straight on the ground.
While keeping the knee close to your chest, straighten the knee, feeling a pull in the back of the thigh.
Hold the position for 10 seconds, relax and repeat the stretch 3 times with each leg.

Alternate Exercise: Floor Hamstring Stretch


Four Point Gluteal Stretch


Begin the exercise kneeling on your hands and knees, crossing one leg completely over the other.
Slide that leg backwards, moving the entire body backwards.
Hold the position for 10 seconds, relax and repeat the stretch 3 times with each leg.

Alternate Exercise: Gluteal Stretch


Standing Hip Flexor Stretch


In a standing position, place one foot up on a table or desk behind you. A chair may be positioned in front of you for balance if needed.
Lean forward leading with your hip, but keeping your upper body straight up.
Feel the stretch in the upper thigh of the rear leg.
Hold the stretch for 10 seconds, rest and repeat the movement three times with each leg.

Alternate Exercise: Hip Flexor Stretch


Once you have completed the exercises, open your Fit4Me Calendar and check off the corresponding date.

Good work!