ESI Upper Limb Strength Exercises


The Edmonton Sport Institute has assembled a list of upper limb strength exercises that can be performed regularly to improve your overall strength, health and wellness. Please consult your physician prior to starting the exercises to ensure that they are right for you.

Gripping Exercise
Wrist Roller
Knee Pushups
Raised Leg Pushups
Table Pushups
Isometric Shoulder External Rotations
Isometric Shoulder Internal Rotations
Shoulder Blade Touching
Finger Extensions
Isometric Biceps Curls
Isometric Triceps Extensions
Isometric Standing Lateral Raises
Isometric Pectoralis Strengthening
Resisted Biceps Curls
Resisted Triceps Extensions
Resisted Wrist Flexion
Resisted Wrist Extension
Weighted Wrist Rotations
Thumb Walk
Finger Pike
Prone Walkout and Pushups with Fitness Ball
Seated Row with Fitness Ball
Shoulder Abduction with Fitness Ball
Wall Scapular Pushups with Fitness Ball
Wall Circles with Fitness Ball
Pushup Rotations with Fitness Ball
Ball Pushups
Triceps Dips with Fitness Ball
Internal Rotation with Fitness Ball
External Rotation with Fitness Ball
Wrist Curls with Tubing
Biceps Curls with Tubing
Triceps Extensions with Tubing
Forward Arm Raises with Tubing
Side Arm Raises with Tubing
Cross Arm Pulls with Tubing
Seated Rows with Tubing
Chest Press with Tubing
Hammer Curls with Tubing
Vertical Triceps Press with Tubing
Shoulder Shrug with Tubing
Shoulder Extension with Tubing
Shoulder Adduction with Tubing
Triceps Kickbacks with Tubing
Reverse Biceps Curls with Tubing
Incline Chest Press with Tubing
Shoulder Cross Extension with Tubing
Shoulder Internal Rotation with Tubing
Shoulder External Rotation with Tubing
Butterfly with Tubing
Horizontal Arm Pull with Tubing
Horizontal Triceps Press with Tubing
Overhead Press with Tubing
Triceps Press with Tubing
Tubing Pushups
Seated Shoulder Shrugs with Tubing
Bent Over Flys with Tubing
Rhomboid Strengthening with Tubing
Double Shoulder External Rotation with Tubing
Wrist Rotations with Tubing