ESI Upper Limb Exercises

The Edmonton Sport Institute has assembled a list of upper limb flexibility exercises that can be performed regularly to improve your overall flexibility, health and wellness. Please consult your physician prior to starting the exercises to ensure that they are right for you.

Six Direction Neck Stretch
Standing Chest Stretch
Shoulder Stretch
Standing Biceps Stretch
Triceps Stretch
Upper Back Stretch
Seated Chest Stretch
Medial Shoulder Stretch
Seated Biceps Stretch
Towel Triceps Stretch
Shoulder Extension Stretch
Door Frame Biceps Stretch
Table Triceps Stretch
Wrist Extensor Stretch
Wrist Flexor Stretch
Chest Corner Stretch
Wrist Waves
Finger Waves
Forearm Rotations
Shoulder Pendulum
Shoulder Cradle
Overhead Stick Lift
Shoulder Winging
Sitting Arm Pull
Standing Arm Pull
Floor Gazer
Crawling Vine
Victory Shake
Overhead Wrist Extension
Finger Pickups
Finger Spreaders
Thumb Excursion
Lying Shoulder Rotations
Side Shoulder Rotations
Lying Front Deltoid Stretch