ESI Complimentary Exercises

The Edmonton Sport Institute is pleased to offer you a large selection of home exercises that may help improve your overall health, assist in rehabilitation after an injury and enhance your overall wellbeing. Feel free to use the exercises at your discretion. Both a video and written description of each exercise is available. In addition, an alternate option is provided for each exercise in case you find an exercise difficult or uncomfortable.

Upper Limb Flexibility

Upper Limb Strength

Core Abdominal Strength

Lower Limb Flexibility

Lower Limb Strength

If you are interested in a coordinated, progressive home exercise program that can easily be set up for your present fitness level, take a good look at the Fit4Me Program. For less than 15 cents a day to cover administration costs, you will have access to a home exercise program that will help you improve your general conditioning, flexibility, strength and overall health.

Fit4Me Home Exercise Program


Balance 1 S