ESI Lower Limb Strength Exercises


The Edmonton Sport Institute has assembled a list of lower limb strength exercises that can be performed regularly to improve your overall leg strength, health and wellness. Please consult your physician prior to starting the exercises to ensure that they are right for you.

Heel Raises 

Body Weight Squats

Hamstring Curls

Ball Squeeze

Side Leg Lift

Short Arc Quads Extension


Step Ups

Straight Leg Raises

Wall Sit

Toe Raises

Stair Heel Raises

Standing Hamstring Curls

Seated Groin Squeeze

Towel Pulls

Ankle ABC’s

One Leg Pillow Balance

Foot Shortening

Foot Slides

Isometric Ankle Inversions

Isometric Ankle Eversions

Lateral Stepping

Isometric Knee Extensions

One Leg Heel Raises

One Leg Toe Raises

Side Lunges

Isometric Wall Sit

Hamstring Curl with Tubing

Heel Raises with Tubing

Ankle Extension with Tubing

Ankle Flexion with Tubing

Thigh Lift with Tubing

Hip Extension with Tubing

Ankle Inversion with Tubing

Ankle Eversion with Tubing

Leg Press with Tubing

Kick Backs with Tubing

Hip Adduction with Tubing

Hip Abduction with Tubing

Straight Leg Raise with Tubing

One Leg Heel Raises with Tubing

Rugby S